Pre Wedding Shoots


Here you will find some useful information and tips about your pre wedding shoot. This guide will cover location, time of day and tips on what to wear if you are unsure and a few other things.

Some people feel nervous about having their photographs taken for the first time, but our easy going and relaxed approach usually disperse any nerves within the first 10 minutes.


It’s always a good idea to pick a location that you enjoy spending time at. If you feel nervous about your shoot its sometimes a good idea to pick somewhere that is not too busy.

Some great locations are woodlands, beaches, national parks or towns that have character. Although location may seem important it is not so. A pre wedding shoot could look amazing shot all in one spot nearly anywhere.

It’s not important to make sure the background is perfect or has a landmark or feature, sometimes if the background is too busy it can be distracting from the couple in the photographs.

Some of the best looking locations are the natural settings that give the photographs a timeless feel, so this could be a beach that has sand dunes and wild grass,  woodlands with uncut grass and wild flowers always looks great and the old streets of a town, or the untouched grounds of a national park.

If you require us to travel some distance to your shoot there is normally an extra fee for travel. Please ask for more details.

What to wear

Obviously this is completely up to you both and you both need to feel comfortable with what your wearing and more importantly its great if your personalities reflect in what your wearing.

If you have no idea what to wear and just want to know what can look good in photographs we always advise the girls wear a flowing dress ( creates movement in your images) with flat shoes as some terrain can be uneven and the guys wear boots, jeans, shirt with a jacket, of course the weather won’t always permit this, but looks good if you can.

Try to avoid labels or branding as this can date your images and be distracting.

Time of Day

We can of course take your photographs anytime of day, for some of the more romantic lighting the evening sun is always nice around 2 hours before sunset. If you are at the beach its always good to check tide times to see if the tide will be visible although not important its always nice if you can see the sea.

The time is not too important, it just depends what you would like from your photographs, but if you are unsure any time of the day is fine.

How long will the shoot last?

Normally the shoots last around 1 to 2 hours.

Children and pets

We love to involve the whole family so children and pets are a great addition to your shoot.

We always recommend bringing someone along with you to keep an eye on the kids and the dogs so you and your partner can have a few photographs together alone. We always try to get the photos of the kids first so then when they get bored the parents can have some photos together alone afterwards.


We always recommend bringing a blanket, we often carry one with us but it can end up in quite a few shoots so if you want to keep your shoot unique you can bring your own blanket for you to sit on for a few photographs if needed. As far as other props they are not needed but if you have some ideas then feel free to bring some along. An umbrella is always good as a back up.


After the shoot

After we have taken your photographs you don’t have to worry about us sharing the photographs online before you have seen them, we will edit them and then get in touch and ask you if there is anything you don’t like so when it comes to the big day we have a good idea of what you will and wont like from your wedding photos.

We will provide you a link to a gallery and it will be password protected so only you can see them.

If you have a guest book included in your package we will ask you to send us a list of 25 photographs to go inside the book and 1 extra photograph for the front cover that will need to be a landscape photograph.



Thanks for taking time to read our shoot guide, I look forward to seeing you soon!