Meet your Photographers

Meet James
Hi! I am James, a professional wedding photographer of 18 years. I have a great deal of experience and knowledge in all aspects of wedding photography, from developing creative concepts to crafting detailed visual stories about the special day for couples. My ability to capture the beauty, emotion and intimacy of weddings has earned me countless satisfied clients throughout my years. My work has been featured in various publications and I continue to find myself lucky enough to bear witness to gorgeous moments between two people on one of the most important days of their lives. In my free time I’m usually heading off on a adventure with my pup Skye.

Meet Merika
Hello I’m Merika, a wedding photographer of over 10 years who lives for capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments! I love the outdoors and feel the most creative when surrounded by nature. Whether set up against the backdrop of a breath taking landscape, a grand historic building or tucked away in an intimate garden, I’m always searching for unique ways to capture those special memories. When i’m not photographing weddings you will usually find me curled up on a cosy armchair with my favourite mug in hand and one of my go-to reads close by (and a fur baby or two).