Proof Book

Proof Book


A proof book is a handy book with all your wedding photos in. It is ideal for viewing all your photos from your wedding at speed and all in one place. All the photos are numbered so you can easily pick your photos for ordering prints, album photos, canvas’s etc.

Sometimes it can be quite overwhelming to view all your photos on an on-line gallery, we give you so many photos from your wedding most of our customers find themselves with over 1000 photos to look through, so the proof book is a really handy portable solution, and there also that feel you get from actual printed photos you just don’t get from modern displays.

So recapping a proof book is all your photos from your wedding in one place, a handy book about 10in x 8in in size with 4 photos per page. Scroll through the gallery below for a visual reference.


Some questions we get asked about proof books.

Q. I am not sure if a proof book was included in my package?

A. Upon booking we would have sent you a letter confirming your package details. If you have misplaced that letter or didn’t receive one, just get in touch as we keep a copy of every letter we send out.


Q. Does the proof book contain every photo you took on the wedding day?

A. If you have already seen your photo gallery that we have made for you on-line, the proof book contains all of those photos in that gallery.

If we have not photographed your wedding and your a new customer, the proof book only contains the photos we have selected for editing. For more information about this, see our detailed Q&A page which explains in more detail what happens to your photos we have taken.

Q. How long will it take for me to get my proof book?

A. After your wedding the first time you see your photos will be on-line. Once you have seen them and you’re happy for us to proceed, we will order your proof book straight away providing any remain balances have been paid. Your proof book will normally be ready to be delivered around 2 to 3 weeks from ordering.

Q. How much are the proof books if I didn’t have one in my package?

A. They currently cost £140 as of 2017.


If you have any other questions, give James a call on 07595 535233.