On-line Slide Show

February 6, 2016

If you have been given the link to this page by James Green Studio, that means something exciting! Your photos are nearly ready for you to view for the first time! Read below for more information.

We think its great to see your photos for the first time to a lovely slideshow. We would like to make you a slide show on-line you can view anywhere, using a computer and works on most portable devices including smart phones and tablets.

To do this we would like to know what music you would like, please can you complete the form below with your favorite songs in the order you would like to hear them on the slide show.

We will download your songs from iTunes and add them to your slideshow. (As long as you also own a copy of the music you give us, you can legally use the given music for your own private slideshow)

Remember the order that you write your songs, will be the order of appearance of the songs in your slideshow.

This is a complementary service, and we can not edit the slideshow in any other way than what is shown.

Sample Slideshow

Some Common asked questions regarding your slideshow.

Q. Can I have the songs start and finish at different parts of the day?

A. Unfortunately we can not do this,  we can only offer a simple slideshow as we do not have the software used by videographers to be able to do this, where when one song finishes the next will start.

Q. What Happens after I have seen my slideshow? When will I get my Photos?

A. To find out what happens next click here. You will get a traditional on-line gallery also to look through, just let us know once you have seen this slideshow and we will send you the link to your gallery.

Please remember this is a complimentary service and not included in any wedding package, so by asking us to edit this slideshow differently to how you will see it is not possible.

Please complete our song list for your photos below.