Hello Newly Weds!

This is a detailed description of what happens next after viewing your photos for the first time, and applies to all our customers. But of course any questions please let us know straight away to ensure you get your photos as quick as possible.

By now you have seen your weddings photos and wondering what happens next? I’m quite sure you’re desperate to get your photos and to make sure that happens quick, I just need to run over the following.

Because we take a lot of pride and care in your photos we will hand them over when we have made any changes you have requested, and we won’t get anything printed, USB’s made or Albums until we know for sure the photos are ready.

To ensure they are ready to be delivered to you, we just need you to do the following.

1  Make sure you’re happy with the photos you’ve seen?

If you are not happy with anything, please let me know straight away, and we will do our best to put right any problems read below for more details.

2  Go through the photos and let us know if anything bugs you.

We take many hours editing the photos and getting rid of unsightly things like fire exit signs and empty bottles on floors just as a couple of examples, but if you feel like a photo would be made better if we did a little Photoshop, let us know. By writing the number down of the photo and explaining what’s wrong in the photo you can send this information onto us to see what we can do.

9 out of 10 times we don’t get asked to do anything extra as generally we do a good job first time round, but now and then we sometimes miss little things. Our advice is don’t look for things for us to edit, if the photos looks ok them leave them, as if we do too much editing, the photos won’t look right and you will know it’s not a correct photo from your day. Also we cannot guarantee we can do your Photoshop request, but feel free to ask, if we can’t we will let you know.

If there are some changes you need making to the photos this is a complimentary service and each request will be subject to our discretion. In some cases Photoshop requests can be beyond our capabilities or may take many hours to achieve and we may not do these edits or may request an editing fee. In most cases edits like spot removal, marks on dresses will be edited easily and will be no extra fee for these type of edits. Please ask for more information if you have any Photoshop requests.

3  Do you want any photos deleting?

It sounds scary to deleting any of your wedding photos but quit often we get asked to delete one or two images from the collection, reasons vary from someone not liking the way they look in a photo as far as not liking someone in a photo. If there are any photos you don’t like or don’t want others to see, just make a note of their numbers and we will delete them from your collection.

What happens next?

Ok so after going through those checks we are ready to go to the next steps and that’s getting you your photos. Depending on your package depends on what we do with your photos next, in most cases we order your USB that will have the master copy of your photos copied onto it. As soon as we get these we will arrange delivery to get your photos to you as soon as possible. If your wedding package  includes an album I will discuss the next steps to getting your album further down this page.

Please remember that any remaining balance from your wedding package is to be paid before we order and deliver your photos.

Proof book

If your wedding package includes a proof book, click here to learn more about your proof book and what it is, just in case your not too sure.


If your wedding package included a USB click here for more information about your USB.

Coffee Table Album

If your package included a coffee table album, click here for information about how to order yours.

Other albums

Most of our packages don’t include an album other than a coffee table album, but if your package did include one of our more deluxe albums or you would like to upgrade your coffee table album, click here for more information about our alternative albums.

Most common questions we get asked in addition to the above information.

Q. Where are the black and white photos?

A. Once we have made any changes to the photos we will then duplicate the photos into colour, this way it saves making changes twice to both the colour and black and whites.

Q. I don’t want to wait 2 to 3 weeks for my photos to arrive, is there any way I can get them sooner?

A. Yes you can actually order prints from the internet  gallery you initially saw your photos on, if you don’t want to order prints and just want a copy of the photos so you can do what you want with them, we can arrange for you to download them, by sending you a direct link to do this, however all remaining balances have to be paid before we release the photos.

Q. Was there any other photos?

A. Not very often do we get asked this as most of our wedding packages only guarantee around 400 to 500 photos and we nearly always give a lot more, so in most cases our customers are quite happy they got more than was promised, but on the other hand sometimes we do get asked if we got any other photos, usually of specific things like individual shots of certain people. In most cases unfortunately the photos you have not seen are so similar to the ones you have already, we have just picked the best ones. We don’t deliberately not give you any good photos.

If you do want to see all the original photos there is a fee for this service. It takes a long time to upload the photos for you to see and they will be watermarked and not intended to be shown publicly as unedited photos taken by us are not what we want our customers to see, it kind of spoils the magic of having a professional photographer. If you however want to see these photos there is a £40 charge for seeing these, this fee is for the time it takes to convert the images into a readable format for an internet gallery, time for us to review the images to remove any unusable images and time to upload and pay for additional storage for these files online. Unfortunately we can not show you the images in person as again this takes the same amount of time to put them on a laptop and the time for consultation can take many hours to review all the photos, so having an online gallery is much cheaper and quicker for both parties. Any extra photos you would like editing are charged £1 per image, you can not unfortunately swap already edited photos for new ones as we have already spent the time to select and edit the photos you have already seen. You can not have any photos unedited as this would also be a bad representation of our final product, this unfortunately is non negotiable. Any concerns we advise all our customers to re read our terms and conditions that you read at the booking stage, that can be seen again here.

Terms & Conditions

Q. We still owe you our last payment, when do we pay this?

A. Once we have made any changes needed to your photos, we will not process them until the last payment is paid. So to ensure there is no delay in receiving your photos, you can pay your last payment as soon as you’re ready.

Please give us a call or an email if you have any problems or questions.

Thank you both again for having us at your wedding!

James & Merika