If your wedding photography package included a DVD slideshow, you’re in the right place, once your photos are finished and you have seen them we can give you your slideshow alongside your digital copy of your photos, and delivery this to you. read below for more information.

Hi we are about ready to make you a slideshow similar to your on-line slideshow, the main difference is that this slideshow is not restricted to 20 minutes long, it can be as long as you would like it.

Please could you below give us a list of 6 to 10 songs you would like for your slideshow. We will make the slideshow the length of these songs, so the more you have the longer it will be.

Remember the order that you write your songs, will be the order of appearance of the songs in your slideshow.

Any questions please give me a call on 07595 535233

Some Common asked questions regarding your slideshow.

Q. Can I have the songs start and finish at different parts of the day?

A. Unfortunately we can not do this, being photographers and not videographers we can only offer a simple slideshow, where when one song finishes the next will start.

Q. How many songs can I have?

A. The more songs you have the longer each photo will stay on your screen for during the slideshow. We advise no more than 8 as by having to many can make the slideshow to long, but also by having less than 4 songs will make your slideshow too fast to view comfortably.

Q. Can I have extra copies of the DVD slideshow?

A. You can have as many as you would like, the cost per extra slideshow on DVD is £15 each.

Please remember this is a simple slideshow service, so by asking us to edit this slideshow differently to how you will see it is not possible.

Please complete our song list for your photos below.