Deluxe Albums


Deluxe Album


Our deluxe albums are exactly that, a premium quality offering the very best in quality and thickness with a huge choice of leatherette & Linen cover colours.

Examples of our Deluxe albums paper finish in this gallery.



Expansive pages

Album Image design corner to corner and edge to edge across an entire two-page spread without losing any part of the image to the centre.


Perfect for when images cross over the two pages, the album lays open flat with the faintest crease so no loss of image across the two pages.


The pages are the thickest we offer giving that professional feel to each ridged page.


Semi gloss finish to the inside pages.


Includes James Green Studio album design, we will design the layout of your album for you and give you the option to make changes based on images you have selected for your album.



Leatherette and Linen cover, see below

Album colours

Leatherette (Deluxe Albums Only)

Linen (Deluxe and Signature Albums)


Album Text

You can have two lines of etched text on your album cover for £30, see examples below.



Size (in inches)     Double Pages Included                            Price                         Price per extra Double Page          Etching

8×8″                       15    (80 to 100 Photos)                           £316.50                      £8    (adds around 7 photos)         £30

10×10″                   15    (80 to 100 Photos)                           £363.50                      £10  (adds around 7 photos)         £30

12×8″                     15    (80 to 100 Photos)                           £363.50                      £10  (adds around 7 photos)         £30

12×12″                   15    (80 to 100 Photos)                           £456.00                      £12  (adds around 7 photos)         £30

14×10″                   15    (80 to 100 Photos)                           £456.00                      £12  (adds around 7 photos)         £30


How To order

Send a list of photos you would like in your album, size, cover colour and finish and your contact info and current address to


Album Upgrades

Etching,  or Embossing £30


Parent Albums (Pro Book) £115

Will be a copy of the main album downscaled to 8×8 or 10×7, A luxury copy, with ridged Leatherette cover. Printed on ridged Photo Paper

Guest Books (Mini Book )£80 for 5

Will be a copy of the main album downscaled to 4.25×4.25″ or 5.25×3.75″ Mini copies of your main album, printed with a luxury finish and leatherette cover.