Our selection of Albums

Hello, if you are here browsing or looking to order an album you are in the right place.

For those ordering an album please read carefully the information below.

Pick the Perfect Album

Step 1

Pick the photos you would like in your album from your photos.

The average album has around 100 photos inside, you can have more or less. The amount of photos you pick will reflect the final amount of pages your album will need and of course will reflect the final price.

Below is a guide to how many pages your album will need based on how many photos you pick.

Photos               Double Pages

100                     15

125                     18

150                     21

(This is just a guide, quite often depending on the photos there may be an extra page added or removed to fit with the selected photos)

See examples of our Signature albums paper finish in the below gallery.

Signature albums have no shine and appear to have a matt finish.

All Signature album covers are rounded at the corner in Leather unless you pick a linen finish which have square corners.

Step 2

Pick a size





Step 3

Pick a cover and Colour



Step 4

Text for cover

You may want to have your names and or your date of your wedding on the cover of your album, below are some examples of this shown.

(See Gallery below for examples of Embossed and Etched)

Step 5

How much will an album cost?

To give you an idea of the album costs we have a break down below.

Album Price List 2015/16

Signature Fine Art Albums

Size (inches)   Double Pages Included           Price        Price per extra Double Page

8×8″                15     (Around 100 images)      £448          £13 (adds around 7 images)

10×7″              15     (Around 100 images)      £480          £13 (adds around 7 images)

10×10″            15      (Around 100 images)     £526          £15 (adds around 7 images)

12×12″            15      (Around 100 images)     £750          £19 (adds around 7 images)

14×10″            15      (Around 100 images)     £750          £19 (adds around 7 images)

Album Upgrades

Step 6

Ordering your album

Now you are ready to order your

When you are ready to order your album, email us a list of numbers for your album and the album size you would like and we will start the design of your album for you.

Q. What happens after I have sent you our album order?

A. Once we have received your order we will let you know and then start to do a proof design for you to view on-line before ordering.

Q. What happens if when I see the proof I am not quite happy with the layouts and want to change some images?

A. If it is just a couple of changes contact us letting us know what changes you would like and we will make them for you, if you require many changes it may be necessary to arrange a meeting to make these changes with you in person.

Q. How long will it take before I see the first proof?

A. Normally within two weeks, however it may be a little longer if in the height of the wedding season.

Q. When do I pay for the Album?

A. You have to pay the album cost up front.

Q. How long will my album take to come.

A. Albums normally take 3 to 4 weeks to come to us. Usually we get an estimated delivery date after two weeks from ordering

Any questions please contact James on 07595535233