Album Confirmation Page


If you have been given the link to this page it means we are ready to order your album.

Before doing so we just need you to confirm the following, its important you have checked everything and happy for us to proceed with ordering your album.

Please complete the form below to confirm you’re ready for us to order your album and read the following terms and conditions.


Terms and conditions


Please read the following carefully and if you agree please select the agree option at the bottom of the form below and press send.

1 – I have checked my album preview online and I am happy for James Green Studio to order my album, I have written any comments to why I am not happy in the comments area below. If I have written any comments James Green Studio will make amendments to my album and I can proof the changes before James Green Studio orders my album.

2 – I understand that the layouts may be cropped slightly towards the edges and have checked that all important parts of the images on the layouts are not near the edges of the layouts.

3 – I have checked the spelling and grammar is correct on the cover and inside of my album. ( Does not apply to those with no text inside or on the cover of the album)

4- I understand that there may be slight colour differences in the printed album compared to the computer/ device I am viewing the album on, this is because not all monitors and screens display colours correctly from one device to another. I can request a test print to check the colours of the album at an extra cost of £15 per test print, this will add an additional delay on receiving your printed album.

5 – I understand that the balance of the album must be paid in full before receiving the album.

6 – I understand that if my album is damaged and or not printed correctly in accordance with the online proof I am entitled to a replacement album.

7 –  I understand once James Green Studio has ordered my album I am not entitled to a refund and must pay any remaining balances on receipt of my album.

8 – I understand that parent albums are not printed using the same materials and page thickness of my main album and that parent albums are printed on thinner paper and the finish may not be to the same high standard as the main album, this is because parent albums are much cheaper in value and are therefore made with materials that are less expensive than the main album.

9 – I can confirm the colour of my album cover is correct.

10 – I understand that my album may take between 2 to 4 weeks to arrive with James Green Studio and then James Green Studio will arrange delivery of my album which may lead to a further wait time depending on James Green Studios availability and my availability to coincide. I may be able to avoid this extra wait time by booking a delivery date with James Green Studio in advance, but understand this may not be guaranteed if there is a delay in the album manufacturing process during peak times ( July to December).